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HOLES-  1-3- PRE-ROUND- Eat a nutrient rich breakfast an hour before your round. Avoid bacon and sausage, eat complex carbs and protein, such as two egg whites and whole-wheat toast, or oatmeal with wheat germ, and chopped walnuts. Do not forget to take lots of water with you to the golf course. HOLES-  4-7 SNACK #1 Choices: fig bar, small apple, handful of nuts, half of a banana, or crackers and peanut butter. Hole # 5 drink a half cup of sports drink to boost you electrolytes HOLES-  8-11 AT THE TURN If you have eaten a good breakfast, a front nine ...


Specific Area of Injury Concern and Prevention Strategies BACK- Low back pain affects 80 million Americans every year and is the most common injury in golf. Prevention is the best remedy for back injuries. Training the erector spine through exercises such as back raises will help strengthen the ligaments of the back KNEES- The rotational movements of golf, which the knee joints are not designed to withstand, are a contributing cause of knee injuries.  Knee stability is dependent on gaining strength in the ligaments and tendons, which is improved through resistance training. Leg curls and Leg extensions are a ...

Train your Power House

I will show you four exercises that you can do to strengthen your core muscles. Working on your core is not just about performing these four exercises on a regular basis. It is about walking tall and engaging these muscles as you walk to the first tee or while talking to your friend on the golf course. It is also about sitting straight in the golf cart or at lunch in the clubhouse. The Plank Starting position Start in push up position, weight on arms and toes align arms under shoulders. Your head, neck, back, and legs should ...

Shaping Up for the Golf Course

Limber up the Lower Back Objective The need to maintain a tilted spine angle all through the swing can cause tightness in the lower back and rib cage. Improving flexibility reduces pressure on the spine. Technique Place right foot behind left, reach arms overhead, grasping a bar or a doorframe. Gently push shoulders and hips away from the bar. Hold for 20 seconds and breathe. Repeat on the other side. Frequency 2 to 3 times on each side, daily Hip Flexor Stretch - Low Lunge Objective Flexibility reduces lower back stress. Stretching the hip flexor on the non-target side is essential to developing hip ...

Train to Create a Solid Foundation

Start position Lower the cable to about belly button level. With your feet at shoulder width, knees slightly bent, and a little bend from your hips to set up your golf posture, grab the handle with both hands and hold both arms so your elbows are pressed tightly against your body. Movement Rotate your shoulder and hip together away from the bar, using your abdominal muscles to work against the resistance. Turn to and maintain your posture. Do not move your arms. Turn and face the other direction to train the other side. Completing both sides equals one ...

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Thought of the Week!

Resist the temptation to take your golf more seriously for if when we are truly having fun and enjoying each shot as it unfolds (no matter the results), that is best. We perform best in a state of joy which allows our natural physical abilities to excel because there is less tension or resistance to hold us back.
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